“The worst thing about bankruptcy is I can’t get a credit card”

7 Jul

Radio national ran a special program last week on bankruptcy. For those who listened in last week the best line was from a guy who was asked what the worst thing about bankruptcy was. His response was “the worst think about bankruptcy is I can’t get a credit card.”  Hey Courtney Love what’s the worst thing about being clean “the worst thing about being clean is not being able to do any heroin, being clean would be awesome if I could do some heroin”.  A credit card is not a right like free speach or freedome of association, it’s a freaking privledge! You trying borrowing money at credit card rates in the third world. Good luck. I’m pretty sure people in the third world don’t spend it on big screen TV’s and nights out. They spend it on goats and sewing machines to increase their income. Not exchange future income for consumption now.

He didn’t repay $5000? If it was your $5000 what would you want to happen to him? For him to file a form that means he no longer owes you the money? You’d want more than that